Every Thursday! - our house band, Slow Train Home

Slow Train Home is an original alt-country music project imagined by singer songwriter Tod Hughes who hails from Winnipeg, Calgary (27 years), and Winnipeg again.  The name is inspired by the long journey home to the heart of the Canadian prairies over way more years than was ever planned.  Also, it is inspired by the music of the road of life and the journey through time as much as the distance traveled.


October 2nd - Surf n' Turf

Surf n' Turf is a Winnipeg based trio specializing in vintage surf music and rock & roll. Best known for their involvement in the F-Holes, Little Miss Higgins & the Winnipeg Five, and Lost Country, 'peg city music scene veterans Evan Friesen(drums, vocals), Sean Burns (bass, vocals), and Eric Lemoine (guitar) delve into all the classics from the Ventures to the Lively Ones. Part vintage instrumentals(the surf) and part vocal rock & roll classics (the turf). Surf’s up!

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Octobver 9th - Sol James

Winnipeg-based Sol James is a force to be reckoned with, with a voice to match. A unique take on roots/blues with a soulful flair, her music is joyful and honest, leaving audiences smiling, dancing, and celebrating the great stuff of life. Sol’s stage presence calls out to even the meekest of souls, breaking down walls and bringing the light in. She does this with a dependable dose of hilarity. You can hear a Sol James audience laughing a mile away. Releasing her sophomore EP "Fighting" in September 2019, Sol continues to be an in demand performer, vocalist and song writer for various festivals, concerts and events throughout Manitoba and Western Canada.


October 16th - The Lemons

The Lemons are a Canadian ​rock & roll band founded in Winnipeg in 1992 by Trent Simpson, Rich Vandale and Rick Yarish. ​The newest Lemon, Kevin Tillberg joined in 2018.
The latest Lemons album, "Waiting for a Train" is now available in all formats.


October 29th - Freddy and the Fire Nation

"Freddy and the Fire Nation is an instrumental jam band that takes cues from modern jazz acts like Snarky Puppy, BADBADNOTGOOD, and Sungazer. With each song they seek to take you to a unique imaginative world, where the only limit is your creativity. It's also good bowling music. Great music to each nachos to."


October 1st - The Catamounts

The Catamounts are a surf-rock revival band comprised of members Graham Epp, Grant Trippel, Andy Rudolph and Michael Henderson Castle. While relying on classic surf-rock influences to inform their delivery, tone and aesthetic, The Catamounts expand the surf-rock paradigm to explore the contemporary musical cannon, often hinting at tendrils of western pop, jazz, prog, baroque and even Greek Rebetiko.


October 8th - Gladly

Glenn Radley is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Winnipeg, MB. Trained traditionally in jazz drumming, Glenn has made a name for himself as one of Winnipeg's go-to drummers for touring and recording. With a dogged, feet-on-pavement approach to his life as a performer and a generous collaboration style, Glenn makes his own luck. As a result, Glenn has been featured on a number of albums including work by Mister K, Sebastian Owl, Nathalia Polischuk and Dave Quanbury. In the past few years he has also toured extensively in Canada with the WCMA Instrumental Artist Of The Year of 2018 and 2020, Apollo Suns.

Glenn has honed and expanded his skill set, refined his personal style and begun to blossom as a solo artist. With a versatile and multi-textured voice combined with a thirst for musical drama, Glenn brings the weight of his diverse musical experiences to bear in the world of pop, channelling influences including Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson, Courtney Barnett, and Father John Misty.


October 15th - The Original Painkiller

The Original Painkiller is a rock trio from Winnipeg, comprised of drummer Noah Jacobson, Bassist/Vocalist Darko Maric, and guitarist Jesse Peikoff. Since 2005 they've been known for their mix of classic rock, blues, hard rock, funk, and whatever else gets caught up in the mix. Their shows feature a mix of original and cover tunes, and feature a fair bit of improvisation and surprising left turns along the way.


October 22nd - Jason Willows

Jason Willows is an active observer of his surroundings. Taking it all in, he meticulously crafts his observations into thoughtful prose, a fingerprint of his lyrics and musicality. Willows is a risk-taker, experimenting in the duality of jazz harmony and indie bedroom-pop sensibilities. His warm vocal tone, reminiscent of crooners, juxtaposes against thumping bass and distorted guitars.

Willows has had a diverse career in the arts as an actor, teacher, multi-instrumentalist, and now producer. He started making waves in the jazz scene just after high school, performing & recording with Derrick Gardner and Ron Paley's Big Band. In 2017, he began writing original music with local art phenom, Chelsey Young, in the jazz/folk duo Two Hip. Since then they have performed in Canadian festivals (Winnipeg Jazz, Festival du Voyaguer, Winnipeg Folk) as well as several theatre productions (Life's Lyrics, Jesus Christ Superstar, It's A Wonderful Life). Willows has spent the last year producing his debut record, 'Waiting in the Mobius Room', from his home studio.

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