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So, what’s your deal? Are you a bowling alley?
Live music venue? Restaurant? Bar?  


Whoa. That is an intense start to question period!

Alright, we’ll try our best here. What’s our deal?


Best way to look at it is . . . 

We are a live music venue that has a full kitchen and bar.

We also have six 5 pin bowling lanes and two pinball machines.
We are place to gather with friends, coworkers and family.

A place to enjoy each other's company while having a bite to eat and a beverage or two.
A place to see some of Winnipeg’s finest musicians share special moments on stage.


What makes us unique is you can do all of that while bowling!

(if we have available lanes of course). 


Live Music 

Do I need a ticket for the show even if I’m bowling?  

Yes. Best seats in the house! 


Can you bowl while the band is playing?  

Absolutely. Our world class sound system can handle the strikes, gutter balls, slick riffs, drum fills and harmonies in . . . perfect harmony. 


When is there cover charge?  

Friday & Saturday nights after 9pm.  


How much are tickets?  

They range from $13 to $15. On rare occasions it may be more.  


Where can I purchase tickets?  

We’d highly recommend purchasing online here as they tend to sell out. We will have limited tickets available at the door for those with bowling reservations after 9pm. 


What time does music start?  

Typically, 9:30pm.  


Can my band play? 

 . . . Maybe? All bookings go through Cary. Send him an email with your

press kit: 


Do you have an open mic night?  

Yes! Hosted by Cary every Wednesday from 7:30 – 10pm.


How many lanes do you have?  

We have 6 lanes, all 5 pin


How many people can bowl on a lane?  

Up to 5 comfortably. Up to 6 . . .intimately. Bowling with your coworkers or in-laws? Get that extra lane. 


What is the cost?  

$32hr per lane until 8pm. $45hr after 8pm. Includes shoes.  


Do we have to wear bowling shoes?  



Do you take reservations for lanes?  

Yes. While we can do walk-ins, we encourage reservations as it can fill up fast!  

Do you take reservations for tables?

We do! However, during ticketed events, we only have a few tables set aside for reservations. Otherwise it is first come first. . .sat.


How do I make a reservation?  

For parties of 10 and under you can call 204-560-5067, talk to one of our awesome staff or use the 'contact us' page.

For anything larger please fill out the form on the contact us page. More information on large reservations below. 


Do you have bingo bowling?  

Our scoring system is very. . . retro. It does have bingo bowling though.  


Do you have bumpers/rails?  



Do you host kid's parties?  

Yes, but maybe not how you are used to in a more traditional bowling alley. You can rent lanes and order food and drinks from our menu.  CHILDREN UNDER 12 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN.


Can we bring cake/cupcakes/drink boxes/balloons?  

Yes, but try to keep the decorations to minimum.

Katie would probably love a cupcake too :) 


Large Parties


Can you accommodate large parties? 

Absolutely. Our venue is perfect for staff parties, birthdays, corporate events or any other excuse you can find to have a get-together. We can host groups up to 80 people any day of the week.

Do we have to bowl the entire time?

Large groups are required to have the lanes booked for the length of their stay. We do not have the space to host large groups while not bowling. 

Do you have food options for large groups? 

Sure do. We can work together choosing pizzas and appetizers served buffet style to fit you budget and party size. If you are looking for a more sit-down style food option, we will need a pre-order so our little kitchen can make it work. 

Drink options? 

We find our ticket system works perfectly. Only pay for what we serve. Some groups choose to keep tickets worth house wine & draught, bottled beer, and rail drinks to keep costs in check. Some go all out and include cocktails and local beer tins.


Can I rent the whole place for a private party?  

We have designated Monday evenings(or weekdays before 4pm) for private functions of 30-100 people. We can reserve lanes and the lounge area for large groups while remaining open to others that would like to pop in for food, drinks and/or music. There will be a minimum spend. The amount will depend on how many people, how many hours are needed, and food & drink options requested.    


Is Park Alleys wheelchair accessible?  

Yes. Staff will need to open a door on the south side of our building.  

Do you have a patio?

Sure do! Pup friendly too. It seats a maximum of 16 people so it fills up pretty quick. 

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