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Park Alleys is a neighbourhood bowling alley located in the South Osborne district of Winnipeg, known as Fort Rouge, (or maybe Riverview or Lord Roberts depending on what side of the street you stand on!). 

Locals proudly call themselves Rougers and are not allowed to move out of the neighbourhood when they leave the nest, (unless they really, really want to, then they can).


The Alleys were opened in 1946 by a local Winnipeg pilot and his partner who wanted to provide some post war fun, for the growing neighbourhood of young families.

Park Alleys became a local institution along with the Park Theatre and other attractions. 


Many names of local families grace the bowling trophies that we resurrected from the old dugout basement of the Alleys during the big Covid pandemic renovation project!

These trophies were repaired, cleaned and restored to a place of prominence within the Alleys to both recall and celebrate the legacy of the many, many people who spent countless happy hours at Park Alleys!


With respect to the legacy and location of Park Alleys, the new owners (April 2020) have lovingly restored the original Art Deco ceiling, the neon lights, the original sign, the lanes and equipment themselves, while adding a brand new kitchen, bar, stage, sound system, massive TV, patio, washrooms, pinball machines and lounge area. 


Our hope is that Park Alleys as a reimagined bowling alley, restaurant, bar and live music venue will once again be a place for neighbours and friend to meet, relax, enjoy a few games, a drink and a good meal and make memories that will last another 75 years!

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